Milestone 1 Stream & Patch Notes

We have some very fun news! Milestone 1 will be available for Download this upcoming Tuesday (July 27, 2021). We will be streaming the Update Live over on Jupiter Vision’s Twitch Channel, so please go subscribe ahead of time and don’t miss the event! We will be starting around 10pm EST, and we hope you can come hangout and play with us. We’ll be getting as many people on with us as possible! Now without further ado, here are the Patch Notes:

Patch Notes

Defeat All Enemy Doors
  • Multiplayer Designed Enemy Rooms, with an activation Beacon to ensure all players are present if desired.
  • Room Unlocks if all Enemies are defeated, or resets if all players present are defeated.
More Detailed Option Screen & Sound Features
  • Sound Options, including max volume and saving volume settings.
  • Music now transitions with fade and smooth experience between maps, and does not reset in every entrance in town.
  • Keybind Changes now save.
  • There is now an in game menu allowing the player to exit the game without force killing it. These options were also made available on the Game Over screen.
  • Overall Visual improvements to the menus.
Enemy Additions and Implementation
  • All new enemies placed within the world.
    • Cucukin – A Pumpkin like enemy that raises up and launches towards the closest player.
    • Sneaky Bush (Awaiting Official Name) – A camouflaged enemy that moves slowly towards the player. Designed to be hard to spot.
    • Bat (Awaiting Official Name) – A Standard creature that flies towards the closest player. It gets tired and lands after some time in flight.
    • Thief Cat (Awaiting Official Name) – A Field of view humanoid cat. You can sneak behind this enemy, but if it spots you, it rushes towards you.
    • Knawblin (Reimplemented) – Knawblins wander randomly shooting a bow and arrow at random intervals.
Bug Fixes
  • Multiplayer Item Acquisition was broken, this has now been fixed.
  • Redesigned Spirit Pearls on the back end to properly network with players like all other items.
  • Persistent State Bug Fixed.
  • Adjusted some small problems caused from Godot Update.
  • Visual Bugs and Map Alterations for better experience.
  • Item drops from Monsters, Bushes and Grass are synced for multiplayer.

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