TetraForce is an action adventure game inspired by the top-down Legend of Zelda games. It is designed to be very replayable for casual players and Zelda enthusiasts. The three features it will have to reach that goal is multiplayer, item randomizer, and moddability. Without these elements we will have a solid Zelda-inspired adventure. With all three added, it is a brand new Zelda experience.

Specific details about the world and story will be posted as the engine gets further in development.


While TetraForce is fully playable in singleplayer, it also supports online multiplayer. Anytime someone receives a new progression item, everyone else on the server receives it. You can play through the story as a team, or split up and try to find items as quickly as possible. Certain items like money and consumables are not shared between players. There will also be a “ring” system like the Oracle Zelda games that will be per-player and different each playthrough. They will provide special bonuses and abilities to diversify play styles between players.

Save files for every player are kept by the host. If you join a different server, you will have whatever items were unlocked in that playthrough and whatever consumables you have collected previously, if any.

TetraForce’s multiplayer is made to be played with friends. There will be no official public servers, but you are free to try to play with as many players your network allows.


TetraForce will have a built-in item randomizer. This will not be developed until the main game is mostly complete. We intend to have extra modifiers to make repeated playthroughs of the game more enjoyable, as most randomizers have.

Full Moddability

All of the tools used to build the world, story, and progression of the game will be available to use. This means after the main game is finished, other people can use the same tools to create new ones. The main game will be built with the same editing suite, so designers will have full control over the game. Furthermore, because it is built in the same engine, it will have the same multiplayer features as the main game.

As of now, most design will be done through the free level editor Tiled. The overworld, dungeons, and interiors are all made with Tiled. Scripted events will also have a standard that will be called through Tiled.

For anything not available in Tiled, they can be implemented straight into the game with Godot Engine. Enemies and items with custom behaviors can be modded in, provided you understand basic game programming and our network code.

Moddability will not be a primary focus during development of the game, but it will be inherently present as the engine is open source and the tools will be the same that we use. If there is a lot of interest in this side of the project, we can think about an easier to use modding API down the line.