Annoucement: New Blogs and Updates to Come!

Welcome all, to the beginning of something (hopefully) great.

I am here to announce that the “post blog” button on this website has been found, and now we will be utilizing it! These will be semi-frequent, and hopefully will allow us to take you on our journey into our demo.

Progress has slowed a little as other projects steal our passion, but fret not! Tetraforce will not be left in the dusty “Godot projects” folder on some cluttered desktop. In fact, some new things have been added, with more on the way!


Now to answer the question, “What have they been doing?”

Joseph Manley

Magical incarnation of spells, skills, and advanced wizardry Joseph Manley is, without a doubt, working on automation of the back end. He has cleaned up a lot of background bugs and implemented fixes for Tetraforce specifically, and will be pushing them soon enough.


In his own words: